SC-12 Cuff SMC (13x92cm)                                     989-1223-00 –SMC                         $40.50/ea
12cm Bladder SMC (12x44.5cm)                         
     989-2201-00 -SMC                          $10.00/ea
XL 12cm Cuff SMC (13x114cm)                            
   989-1224-00 –SMC                         $45.50/ea

SC-10 Cuff SMC (11x88cm)                                   
  989-1222-00 –SMC                         $40.50/ea
10cm Bladder SMC (10x44.5cm)                             
 989-2200-00 –SMC                         $10.00/ea

1.6cm UDC Digit Cuff SMC (1.6x9cm)                     989-1015-06 –SMC              
1.9cm UDC Digit Cuff SMC (1.9x9cm)                     989-1216-00 –SMC               
2.5cm UDC Digit Cuff SMC (2.5x9cm)                     989-1217-00 –SMC              

2.5cm UPC Penile Cuff SMC (2.5x12cm)               
  989-1218-00 –SMC                         $35.50/ea
3.3cm UPC Penile Cuff SMC (3.3x12cm)                
 989-1219-00 –SMC                         $36.50/ea
   (penile cuffs are approximately 1” longer than the digit cuffs)

TM-7 Transmetatarsal Cuff SMC (7.5x40cm)        
  989-1021-10 –SMC                          $27.50/ea
CC-17 Contoured Thigh Cuff SMC                          989-1225-00 –SMC                

Leg Cuff SLEEVE (38”Lx16”W)                               1638LG50                       
   $110.00/pack of 50
Arm Cuff SLEEVE (24”Lx10”W)                             
  1024AG50                            $65.00/pack of 50
Cuff GUARD (38.5”Lx6.5”W)                                  
  CGC3820                            $60.00/pack of 20

8.3MHz Contoured Doppler Probe 7'                       832-1830-33-837                            $165.00/ea
3.9MHz Doppler Probe 7'                                         832-139-31-397                              $185.00/ea
Red Nexus PPG Sensor                                          832-8000-11-R                                $140.00/ea
Yellow Nexus PPG Sensor                                      832-8000-21-Y                                $140.00/ea
PPG Clip Set (1 red+1 yellow)                                 832-0100-00                                   $220.00/ea

Replacement SMC Fitting Kit for PARKS Male MPI Tubes (14pk):               
SMC Fitting Adapter Kit for Hokanson Cuffs and Bladders (10pk):                
SMC Fitting Adapter Kit for PARKS Cuffs and Bladders (20pk):               
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